Understanding Dental Implants

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are rapidly becoming the go to option for teeth replacement procedures.

There are essentially two types of dental implants: the type that sits on the summit of their jaw, beneath the gum, also those that fit into the jawbone, exactly like natural teeth. However, dental implants may not be for everybody, so here are some facts to consider prior to making your final decision.

Though age isn’t a procedural issue, a history with tobacco and alcohol use, in addition to specific diseases, might be contributing factors in preventing a patient from experiencing the full advantage of dental implants. Thus, it’s best you schedule an appointment with our dentist to make a careful assessment of your health history to learn if you’d be a candidate for your treatment.

You’ll also have to have a substantial amount of gum tissue and jawbone surface area for this type of dental enhancement. Rest assured, there are processes that may compensate for the loss of jawbone and gum tissue. This helps the dental implants provide you with the best possible restoration results in modern dentistry.

Ordinarily, when an “adult” tooth is missing there’s a dental procedure like bridging, that’s done to replace it. With today’s improvements in the dental community, dental bridges could be set up through implants. This sort of bridge is known as an implant-supported dental bridge. This process is different from the normal method as it doesn’t call for any shaving or crowning of their first salubrious teeth, rather putting implants for every one of the lost teeth and utilizing them to anchor the bridge.

Every kind of dental implant provides its own unique support for the replacement teeth, allowing the implants to function exactly like regular teeth. Considering most implant types are joined to the jawbone, they offer distinct benefits over traditional ways of replacing missing teeth.

The recovery period is set on an individual basis and is based on the kind of implants used. The typical recovery time on a normal process is all about 3 to 6 months. Baring the recovery period and process, obtaining dental Implants can result in enhancing your physical appearance, dental health, as well as overall health and wellness.

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