Guided Implant Surgery

Surgery Virtually Free from Error

Efficient and Predictable Dental Implant Placement

If you’re considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth, it’s only normal to want a comfortable surgery that will produce superior results. Our periodontists, Dr. John Darby and Dr. Timothy Johnson, have over six decades of combined experience in dental surgery and have helped countless patients return to a confident, functional life with dental implants. With such technologies as guided implant surgery, we can ensure your procedure is efficient and predictable, with long-lasting results. With guided implant surgery in Ocala and Crystal River, FL, we use digital imaging, virtual software, and 3D surgical guides during every dental implant treatment to get the outcomes our patients want every time. If dental implant surgery is causing you anxiety, we have the experience and resources to provide you with exactly what you want: a beautiful, functional smile that lasts for life.

Benefits of Guided Surgery

  • More comfortable treatment
  • Shorter procedure times
  • Minimal pain, swelling, and bleeding
  • Faster recovery
  • Less risk for infection
dr darby discussing guided implant surgery

Digitally Guiding Your Surgery


CBCT Imaging

Our treatment plans begin with comprehensive CBCT imaging if your mouth. This technology takes high-quality digital images of your teeth and bone in 3D, an accurate representation of your mouth that significantly increases the accuracy of treatment planning and surgery. CBCT imaging is fast and efficient, exposing patients to only a fraction of the radiation as that of traditional x-rays.


Simplant® Software

Simplant is a computer-guided virtual implant treatment software we use to plan your implant treatment, surgery, and final restoration. Using the digital images from your CBCT scan, we virtually design the surgical guides. Enhanced precision reduces procedural time and improves accuracy, optimizing the fit of the final restoration created with the same digital software.


3D Surgical Guides

Virtual treatment planning and our 3D surgical guides take the guesswork out of surgery. With a custom guide in place, we can quickly place one or more dental implants knowing they will be positioned in the most ideal location in your jawbone. This reduces any chance for human error and improves your comfort and healing. Many times, we can attach a temporary crown or prosthesis the day of your surgery, so you will never be without teeth.

Opt for digitally-guided surgery today!

dental implant patient smiling