Advanced Healing

Promoting Healing for a Faster Recovery

What Are Advanced Healing Techniques?

Your body naturally possesses certain proteins and molecules that aid in wound healing and tissue regeneration. Using cutting-edge techniques, we can concentrate these growth factors from samples of your own blood and bone to help stimulate the body’s own healing response at a surgical site. For treatments involving tissues, including bone grafting and dental implants, we can promote better healing, regenerate new tissues, and help you recover from surgery faster. Dr. John Darby and Dr. Timothy Johnson, our skilled periodontists, use advanced healing techniques in our dental surgical procedures. Our use of these growth factors in your treatments provide more predictable results and more efficient care, with more rapid and healthy healing. Overall, with advanced healing in Ocala and Crystal River, FL, treatment length for dental implants is significantly reduced, giving you a comfortable return to optimal health and function after surgery!

Benefiting from Advanced Healing

  • Accelerate hard and soft tissue repair
  • Improve overall healing process
  • Decrease post-operative complications
  • Increase efficiency of treatment process
  • Minimal risk of infection
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Our Advanced Healing Services

We offer platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), plasma rich growth factors (PRGF), and bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) as part of our surgical treatments. Though derived differently, these three options all support and promote hard and soft tissue regeneration and aid in healing. Platelet-rich fibrin and plasma rich growth factors are both derived from a sample of your own blood. When spun in a centrifuge, the blood separates into layers, one of which is PRF, a membrane-like material full of growth factors that we mix into bone grafting material and place at the treatment site. PRGF is a clot of growth factors that develop when your blood sample is spun in a centrifuge. This clot is commonly placed in an extraction site to help promote bone and tissue regeneration. BMP is a lab-derived replication of the proteins found naturally in the body that aid in the growth of new bone. When used during bone grafting, BMP can help accelerate healing and regeneration of bone, shortening recovery time so dental implants can be placed sooner.

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