Dental Implant FAQ

Answering Your Dental Implant Questions

Know What to Expect

We understand that you want to thoroughly research your tooth replacement options. Dental implants may seem like a big investment, but they also come with many benefits. As the only permanent replacement for missing teeth, dental implants provide the same security afforded by natural, healthy teeth. Our team is here to answer all your questions and provide you with the care that ultimately restores your smile, health, and quality of life through dental implants in Ocala and Crystal River, FL.

Dental Implant FAQ

Dental implants are a tooth replacement made up of a post surgically placed into the jawbone and a life-like natural crown attached by an abutment. Implants look just like natural teeth and function just as well. The materials used to fabricate the crowns or bridges cannot decay or become stained.

Dental implants can replace one, several, or a full arch of missing teeth. Whether teeth are already missing or are extracted, implants permanently restore the function and beauty of natural teeth, improving health and confidence long-term. Dental implants can also be used to stabilize dentures, keeping them secure in the mouth so they do not shift, loosen, or fall out.

Most patients qualify for dental implants, but each case is unique. Your consultation includes a thorough diagnostic evaluation and digital x-rays to assess the health of your mouth, bone, and existing teeth. We can determine your candidacy once this appointment is complete.

We may need to complete other procedures first, including gum disease treatment, tooth extractions, and/or bone grafting, to prepare your mouth for dental implants. These treatments can lengthen your treatment time, but they ensure the proper environment for dental implant surgery and the long-term health of your smile.

The cost of your dental implants relies on many factors, including how many teeth you are missing and in what location in your mouth, the types of materials we use, any other treatments you may need beforehand, and if you need sedation. We can provide an accurate price after your consultation and evaluation with our periodontists.

We currently offer CareCredit third-party financing as well as accept major credit cards. Your insurance may pay for your treatment, and we can help you find out if you qualify for any benefits. We strive to provide superior care that fits within the budgets of our patients and will do all we can to assure your dental implants are affordable.

Our periodontists, Dr. John Darby and Dr. Timothy Johnson, both have over 30 years of specialized experience in periodontal treatments and dental surgeries. They have trained at the Pikos and Misch Institutes, two of the most prestigious dental implant continuing education organizations in the world. With a repertoire of the latest surgical technology and implant dentistry’s most advanced materials, our team is well-equipped with the resources and experience to provide exceptional implant care you can trust.

With today’s minimally invasive techniques and our sedation services, your implant surgery will be comfortable and fast. Once you are relaxed under custom sedation, we will place your dental implants using surgical guides to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Most patients report a pleasant surgical experience and only require over-the-counter pain medication for a few days after surgery.

You may feel slight discomfort for a few days after surgery, as well as minor pain, bleeding, and/or swelling around the surgical site. We recommend a soft food diet for the weeks following implant surgery to ensure the implant post is healing correctly. In a few short months, your mouth will be healed enough for us to attach your final dental crown or bridge.

Dental implants have a consistently high success rate (95%) and are designed to last for life. You can expect to care for your implants like you would natural teeth, brushing and using a water flosser at least once a day to keep peri-implantitis from developing around your implant posts. With the proper at-home oral hygiene and professional dental check-ups, you can expect your dental implants to last for many years.

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