Minimally Invasive Procedures

Making Your Recovery Fast and Comfortable

Enjoy Minimally Invasive Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatments, such as gum grafting, are often categorized as invasive procedures with lengthy, uncomfortable recoveries. Thanks to our training in minimally invasive procedures and advanced healing techniques, we can provide these periodontal treatments in Ocala and Crystal River, FL with minimal post-operative pain, bleeding, and swelling. Procedures following these advanced techniques are less intense and shorter, often requiring small or no incisions. And by using growth factors and proteins naturally found in your body, we can accelerate healing and promote a healthier oral environment. This is especially beneficial for patients needing to restore lost jawbone as part of dental implant treatment.

Our periodontists specialize in periodontal treatments and optimize the comfort and safety of your procedures by incorporating these techniques and treatments. If you’re faced with needing treatments that are traditionally invasive in nature, we have alternatives that are more comfortable and efficient and can get you back to a functioning, pain-free life quickly and safely.

Select Minimally Invasive Solutions


Gum Recession Treatments

Gum recession leaves sensitive tooth roots exposed to hot and cold temperatures and the risk of teeth becoming loose and falling out. We provide minimally invasive treatment alternatives to gum grafting for receding gums. The Pinhole® Surgical Technique involves creating a small “pinhole” in the gum tissue above the teeth, then gently manipulating the tissue back over the tooth roots. The tunneling technique involves using special tools to create a space between the tooth and gum tissue so a tissue graft can be placed behind to cover the exposed roots.


Advanced Healing Techniques

Certain procedures like bone grafting traditionally have lengthier healing times. We shorten post-operative recovery with proteins and growth factors derived from your own blood. Bone morphogenetic protein placed at the site of resorption helps naturally regrow bone, reducing the need for bone grafts. Platelet-rich fibrin and plasma rich growth factors, types of guided tissue regeneration, help regenerate new hard and soft tissue growth and accelerate healing after bone grafting or other surgery.

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How Our Advanced Care Benefits You

  • Enjoy more efficient procedures
  • Experience more comfortable surgery
  • Heal faster and healthier
  • Minimize pain, bleeding, and swelling
  • Less time between procedures

Put painful surgery in the past.

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