Dental Implant Cost

Invest in Your Future Self

Choose Permanent Tooth Replacements

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement option. Unlike dentures, partials, or bridges, dental implants are permanent, restoring function, health, and smile aesthetics long-term. With dental implants, you can expect to return to when you had healthy natural teeth. If you’ve never had healthy teeth, dental implants will give you the function and natural beauty you need to feel confident and attractive, without ever having to worry about your new teeth decaying or staining! We can help you achieve this life-changing transformation with our modern dental implants in Ocala and Crystal River, FL. Whether you need one, several, or all your teeth replaced, our expert periodontists, Dr. John Darby and Dr. Timothy Johnson, are here to provide superior care and amazing, long-lasting results. 

Benefiting from Dental Implants

  • Boost self-confidence and wellbeing
  • Restore your smile’s natural beauty
  • Keep natural jawbone healthy
  • Eat all your favorite foods
  • Improve your oral health

Making Dental Implants Affordable


Streamlined Treatment

Our decades of experience in dental implant treatment have given us time to hone our skills and treatment process. Today, we have a highly efficient and streamlined process that provides you with high-quality treatment as quickly as possible. We complete tooth extractions, bone grafting, and dental implant surgery conveniently in our own office. We also maintain communication with your dentist so that the restorative part of your treatment results in beautiful, functioning teeth.


Experienced Team

Our periodontists have been placing dental implants for many years and now utilize only the most predictable and long-lasting materials and technology available. This expertise in dental implants ensures the products we use in your treatment will be of the highest quality, making it significantly less likely any complications will arise and our minimally invasive, predictable surgeries ensure the long-term success of your dental implants.


Third-Party Financing

We offer CareCredit third-party financing to further help make your dental implant treatment affordable. Most patients qualify for financing and we will also work with your dental insurance to maximize your benefits. Overall, we do our best to keep your dental implant cost affordable so you can receive the long-term advantages of this permanent tooth replacement.

It’s time to invest in your smile!

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