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All Your Periodontal Services from One Team

We Specialize in Comprehensive Care

Our periodontists in Ocala and Crystal River, FL, Dr. John Darby and Dr. Timothy Johnson, specialize in the full scope of periodontal and dental implant care. With such a comprehensive range of skills and experience, we offer all the care your smile will need in our two convenient office locations. From your first evaluation to follow-up treatment and routine maintenance, our team takes care of all your periodontal needs for life. Best of all, many of our comprehensive services are minimally invasive to minimize your discomfort, and we utilize advanced healing techniques to accelerate your recovery period and get you back to normal faster.

In addition to our routine services, we offer the following treatments:

Comprehensive Periodontal Services


Exams & Cleaning

We begin each new patient experience with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your mouth, including your gums, teeth, and bone. During these appointments, we also take the time to educate you on the importance of good oral health and how the mouth is connected to the body. By offering our expertise and comprehensive periodontal services, we can then provide the specialized care each of our patients needs to obtain optimal oral health. We help our patients maintain this level of oral and overall health through routine cleanings and maintenance.


Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer often develops silently and with no noticeable symptoms. Our routine oral cancer screenings check for these subtle changes in the color and texture of the tissues, as well as any developing lumps, cysts, or tumors, inside your mouth. Like all cancers, early detection is critical for effective treatment. We’re here with periodontal expertise to keep you at ease or help you complete the proper steps if any suspicious areas are detected.


Emergency Care

Along with our routine and specialized services, we offer emergency care when situations arise concerning your teeth, gums, and bone. Whether you’re experiencing acute tooth pain, have complications with your dental implants, or need immediate care for other periodontal concerns, our team is here to help.

Ensure your teeth, gums, and bone are healthy.

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