IV Sedation

Your Dental Visit -- Free from Pain and Anxiety

Relax at Your Appointment with IV Sedation

If you’ve been putting off your dental appointment due to fear or anxiety, we’re here to help! Our periodontists, Dr. John Darby and Dr. Timothy Johnson, have both achieved certification in IV sedation so you can experience a calming and anxiety-free visit at our office. IV sedation is one of the most customizable and beneficial forms of sedation in dentistry and is fitting for patients like you who are feeling apprehensive or fearful about undergoing periodontal treatment or surgery. With the calming and amnesia effects of IV sedation in Ocala and Crystal River, FL, you won’t have to worry about the pain, sights, or sounds that may be associated with your treatment—or worry about remembering them once the procedure is over.

Our welcoming and compassionate team is here to assist you in every way possible. In the comfort of our office, we have the equipment and resources to provide IV sedation in our relaxing operatories, as well as oral sedation and nitrous oxide. In addition to the calming effects of sedation, you’ll experience the calming atmosphere of our office and the expertise of our periodontists and a fully trained staff. It truly is possible to overcome your dental anxiety and relax at your appointment!

IV Sedation’s Transformative Benefits

  • Ease or resolve your dental anxiety or fear
  • Feel comfortable and safe at your appointments
  • Enjoy a calming and pain-free procedure
  • Experience little-to-no memory of your visit
  • Improve your smile and oral health
iv sedation bag
iv sedation patient

Empowered to Promote Better Long-Term Health

One of the great advantages of letting sedation help you complete your dental appointments is that your oral health improves. Many times, patients who are too fearful to maintain their appointments suffer from poor oral health, which has close ties to the quality of their overall health. By offering such options as IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide, we can help you achieve and maintain good oral health, ultimately improving your whole-body health and confidence! We are here to empower you to take charge of your oral health and experience better long-term health as a result. Don’t let dental anxiety or fear keep you from the periodontal treatments and dental implants you need. Schedule your appointment with our team today!

See what an anxiety-free visit is like.