Symptoms of an Impacted Tooth

Symptoms of an Impacted Tooth

An Impacted wisdom tooth happens when the tooth does not have the space it needs to grow in a manner that is normal. The wisdom teeth are the molars in of the back of the mouth that develop during your early twenties or teens. They’re on the underside and top of the mouth. Wisdom teeth are usually identified through dental x rays, other times they pose a wide variety of symptoms that are debilitating and very painful for the affected patient. Although this happens often, not all the wisdom teeth go through this issue.

How does someone know if they have an impacted tooth and what are impacted wisdom tooth symptoms? Occasionally, the impacted tooth can become infected or harmful to your other teeth, this will cause other symptoms to occur. One of those is a pain in the jaw. When the tooth emerges incorrectly it allows bacteria to enter the surrounding gum line which might cause an infection ranging from mild to severe, and cause swelling around the mouth. Due to debris and bacteria forming in and around the impacted tooth, halitosis becomes another side effect.

Impacted wisdom teeth also cause the gingiva around the tooth to turn red, swell and occasionally bleed. This might be due to an infection that causes tightening and swelling of the gingiva as the infection drains into the body resulting in having an unpleasant taste in your mouth. This may subject you to oral discomfort in addition to problems maintaining good dental hygiene, making brushing and flossing difficult due to the pain. Headaches and jaw aches have been other common signs of impacted teeth. This is usually from the pressure the affected tooth is having on the nearby teeth.

An infection may also sometimes lead to swollen lymph nodes on of the neck. Again, not all impacted teeth manifest with these signs. Some individuals may not have any symptoms, and others may have a few, but not all. Obviously, if symptoms have been noticed, a dental professional should be seen to ascertain a health plan. Typically, the tooth inducing your problems will be removed, and at times symptomless affected ones will probably be extracted as well so no future problems will occur.

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